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  • China Life Insurance (Group) Company and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as China Life) constitute the largest commercial insurance group in Mainland China. It is the only state-owned insurance group with an asset exceeding 1 trillion RMB yuan. It is also one of the largest institutional investors in Chinas capital market. China Life has been listed for nine consecutive years on the Fortune Global 500 list, and its rank moved forward drastically from 290 in 2003 to 113 in 2011. It has been listed for the fifth consecutive year among the World Brand 500 and ranked at 264th place in 2011. After the dual-listing in New York and Hong Kong in December 2003, China Life Insurance Company Limited returned to China A share market in January 2007 and has become the first insurance company to be listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is also the first insurance company triple-listed in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai and has become the largest public life insurance company in the world ...[查看全文]
    China Life,Harvey
    2015-12-07 15:29:48
  • Chinese market can now access Apple Music, iTunes movies and iBooks, according to the official news from Apple Inc on 30 September, 2015. Lawyer Harvey Yen was engaged as legal consultant by Apples only Service Provider of this launch. Users in China will have an opportunity to enjoy the three month trial to Apple Music from 30 September 2015. For the rest of the world, where the trial was introduced three months ago, it ends on the same day. Apple Music will feature local artists such as Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, JJ Lin and G.E.M. The iBooks Store will have a wide range of international titles, with Stephenie Meyers Twilight series available for the first time in China in a digital format. The catalogue of locals books will include a wide selection of paid and free Chinese language books from top local publishers. Customers in China love the App Store and have made it our largest market in the world for app downloads. One of the top requests has been more great content and were thrilled ...[查看全文]
    2015-12-07 15:28:30
  • Nowadays, although there are more than 260,000 lawyers in mainland China, there are limited attorneys from China can speak fluent English, especially when there appears in the international court or arbitral tribunal. It is difficult for clients to find a proper attorney or lawyer when they have international disputes. The real international lawyer should be familiar with not only the laws and regulations but also the foreign languages, especially English and French. It has grown up to be an important task in the new century to cultivate talents who are familiar with both legal systems abroad and foreign languages. In April,2015, Lawyer Harvey Yen and his team were engaged by a Singapore client to participate in the arbitration that held in CIETAC against the illustrious company LG from Korea. The arbitration dispute involved multiple jurisdiction and the legal systems of the four countries. According to the arbitration clause, the language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall b...[查看全文]
    2015-12-07 15:27:28
  • Harvey Yen is partner lawyer of Beijing ZHONG YIN Law Firm (Top 6 famous law firms in China, and the leading law firm in China capital market). Harvey received his J.D. (with honors) from Peking University. Harvey was engaged as an expert lawyer for CCOIC (China Chamber of International Commerce), and was named as one of Top 10 International Service Star for SMEs by China Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. Harvey focuses his legal practice on representing Chinese companies seeking cooperation opportunities overseas, and also helping foreign companies expanding business in Chinese market. His work has been as varied as assisting iTunes S..r.l.,(Apple Inc.) to meet the Chinese government censorship when iTunes officially login to China market, helping a company owned by Singapore Temasek to get past the antitrust review by CMOC of its acquisition of five China state-owned power plants, acquiring of Germany advanced manufacturing technology for a Chinese aviation manufacturer, ...[查看全文]
    harvey,lawyer yen,about,profile
    2015-12-07 15:23:21
  • 2015年11月14日,中银律所总所高级合伙人闫鹏和律师受邀为清华大学举办的中小企业新三板挂牌上市特训营授课,为来自全国各地的清华新三板特训营学院讲授新三板挂牌常见法律问题和财务问题,并就股权激励的各种模式进行了探讨。 特训营学员主要为各投资机构、企事业单位主要负责人或财务负责人,学院们积极发言、踊跃提问,课上课下与闫鹏和律师进行了深入的探讨和交流,为企业发展过程中,尤其是在资本市场上遇到的一些重要问题和障碍征求了闫鹏和律师的专业意见。 清华大学举办的中小企业新三板挂牌上市特训营主要课程包括: 1、新三板新机遇新挑战; 2、新三板常见法律和财务问题; 3、中小企业迈上资本之路--公司治理; 4、登录新三板 ...[查看全文]
    2015-11-20 07:29:34
  • 2015年11月8日,由中国专家学者协会、中银律师事务所、全国雷锋文化联盟与全国党建文化服务中心主办的新三板上市交流沙龙在北京市丰台区习鼎阁大厦如期召开。本次沙龙由中国专家学者协会、中联社专家服务有限公司副总经理李文摆主持,中银律师事务所的闫鹏和律师主讲,中国专家学者协会党总支部书记兼常务副会长、中国城乡小康发展促进中心城乡统筹发展委员会主任安卫华先生莅临会议。 中国专家学者协会党总支部书记兼常务副会长安卫华先生致发言辞 中银律师事务所闫鹏和律师在发言 三板市场起源于2001年的股权代办转让系统,该系统现称为旧三板;2006年,新三板产生,现已发展为全国性的非上市股份有限公司股权融资交易平台,主要针对中小微企业,因此,新三板也被称为中国的纳斯达克。新三板与旧三板最大的不同是配对成交,...[查看全文]
    2015-11-18 14:13:32
  • 由杨幂、黄晓明主演的电影版《何以笙箫默》日前已宣布定档五一。然而,电影《何以笙箫默》的版权归属问题仍无定论。之前,电影在还未拍时就先遭遇了一场在光线传媒和乐视影业之间展开的电影改编权互撕战。究竟为何会出现这场纠纷?影视公司又该如何避免在影视剧本版权方面的纠纷? 事件回顾 《何以笙箫默》是网络热门小说,在被拍摄成为电视剧后,电影版也将上映。去年12月,乐视影业公布了该电影2015年上映的消息,随后原著作者顾漫却在微博上发出版权声明,称此前授予乐视影业为期3年的电影版权已于2014年9月10日到期。而在合约到期后,她与光线影业签订了该小说的电影版权合约。 而乐视影业表示,公司在合同期内完成了剧本改编,合法拥有剧本完整著作权及电影拍摄权,并于2014年8月20日获得《摄制电影许可证》。 但光线传媒对...[查看全文]
    2015-11-18 13:52:47
  • 2015年7月27日,兰州市政府由市委常委、副市长周万山带队,邀请了齐鲁证券公司、中银律师事务所、立信会计师事务所组成专家辅导团队,为兰州新区、高新区、经济区管委会、市政府有关部门、各县区政府相关负责人及兰州市一百五十余家企业代表进行了新三板挂牌业务培训会。 活动中,专家团队全面介绍了挂牌新三板对企业的重大机遇、挂牌的条件和操作流程,以及相关的财务、法律实务问题。此次培训会旨在通过专题辅导,帮助企业了解、掌握 新三板有关政策和操作方法,推动企业进军资本市场,促进企业融资渠道的多元化。 北京市中银律师事务所高级合伙人闫鹏和律师作为主讲嘉宾应邀出席了本次培训会,并通过大量的实务案例,就新三板挂牌的相关重点法律问题做了详细的讲解分析,并与参会企业代表、政府官员及中介机构等培训专家...[查看全文]
    2015-11-12 16:03:41
  • 根据苹果官网消息,9 月 30 日凌晨,苹果正式在中国大陆推出 iTunes Store,这标志着中国大陆的 iOS 用户可以享用包括音乐、电影以及图书在内的服务。此举也标志着关乎苹果娱乐的软件生态在国内正式被打通,iTunes 不再是一个冷冰冰的同步工具。 iTunes Store、Apple Music 以及 iBooks 三款应用目前均可以使用,iTunes Store 电影价格 1 元起售,Apple Music 订阅每月 10 元起,iBooks 则增添了更多的国内书籍。 中银律所闫鹏和律师团队曾接受iTunes服务供应商邀请为这一重要事件提供高端法律服务。 1. Apple Music Apple Music 在今年六月的 WWDC 上推出,是一款流媒体音乐服务,在上线一个月后,Apple Music 的订阅用户就超过了 1100 万。 iTunes Store 入华,苹果的娱乐生态终于完整了 根据苹果官方的介绍,Apple Music 会有几百万首歌,这些歌曲数目还在持续扩增中,苹果通过联系国内...[查看全文]
    iTunes Store,法律服务
    2015-11-08 20:18:13
  • 2015年9月16日,土耳其经济部就对华电焊机反倾销案做出了最终裁决。我所贸易救济和WTO法律服务中心高级合伙人贾征律师所带领的反倾销律师团队在本案中代理上海和宗焊接设备制造有限公司参与应诉,并在终裁中获得了远低于其他国内应诉企业的全国最低税率。这是中国企业在应诉土耳其反倾销案中获得的最好结果之一。 ...[查看全文]
    2015-11-04 14:58:11
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