• In Europe, strict privacy regulations known as the general data protection regulation come into force on May 25. GDPR is designed to include penalties that are effective and dissuasive. Depending on the offenseincluding mishandling of personal data, failure to exclude children from ageinappropriate services or content and many othersfines can be as high as 4% of a companys global revenue. Based on 2017 revenue, for Facebook that could be $1.6 billion. And as GDPR rules could cover EU citizens no matter where they live or travel, multinational companies may not be able to simply fence off their services geographically. Facebook chief executive mark Zuckerberg recently said his company is working on extending GDPR protections to every user. Facebook may be making most of the headlines right now, but in the long run, apple, google and amazon also are likely to face emboldened regulators who make rules not just for what companies do with our data, but for the devices that gather the data i...[查看全文]
    2018-04-09 09:32:37
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